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About The Band

Although each of the members of the band are musicians in their own right and each has his or her own history of how they became involved with Basque music, the basis for this group of friends getting together to play music and help maintain the Basque culture here in the United States began back in 1989 when the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco decided to present a traditional Basque musical play called a “Pastorala” or “Pastorale”. The Basque Center enlisted the services of Roger Idiart, a well-known playwright and composer in the Basque Country, who custom wrote this particular “Pastorale”, “Nevadarat Joan Nintzan”, for the American Basque community.

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New Release

We’re so proud to announce the release of our first album, Azkenean!

Preview the music, and order the album!

All proceeds from sale of the CD will go to NABO’s Aita Tillous Fund to help youth who may not be able to afford the cost of Udaleku, and other youth programs.

In The Studio

Behind The Scenes

The band experienced an amazing time in the process of this recording! Thank you to all that became a part of it and to the community of fans that continue to support us!